To Whom it May Concern,

I had the opportunity to work with Terry Webster at the AMG Heritage Awards. He conducted his Band, Steel City Sound & backed Chubby Checker on his new song, “Changes.” Not only was the performance of the Band, First Class, but it was put together very quickly, with one rehearsal, before the TV Show. Terry literally had to do the arrangement on the spot & do it flawlessly; which he did. The overall sound was actually better than the Record because “real instruments” brought the Magic of the Song to a New Life.

Terry & Steel City Sound gave Chubby the backing, which allowed him to shine. The overall performance was better than what we had done on the Today Show.
I look forward to working with Terry again – one of the Best TV / Musical Experiences I have had with Chubby.
Best,  Gary
Gary Lefkowith, Vice-President
TEEC Recording / distributed by RED – a Sony Music Company