Our Story

A modern horn band that performs music in the styles of Chicago, Tower of Power, Earth, Wind & Fire, U2, and many others. You will recognize the sounds of many popular songs, but will be worshipping to hymns, praise & worship, gospel and contemporary Christian music. An experience you will not forget!

Steel City Sound provides a typical concert experience. The great thing about our band is that all of the music is performed by live professional musicians. The horn section will be everywhere from smooth like Chicago to brassy in your face sounds like Tower of Power. The music is unique in that it offers sounds of horn bands from the past mixed with hymns, praise & worship and other Christian songs to create a style of its own. Although most of our music is instrumental, you will catch yourself tapping your toes, clapping and singing along to familiar songs. We have a Friends set as well that features singers and guest musicians.

We do provide our own products to sell. Anything like CDs, posters, magnets, bracelets and shirts.

We offer a meet and greet before the show as well as a presentation for your media computers that introduces each member of the band and a little information about them.

Mission Statement

"Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through song and testimony, equipping Christians to minister the Gospel and encouraging all to have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus."

Our Purpose

  1. Effectively minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song and testimony
  2. Directly share God's Holy Word (the Bible) through songs
  3. Edify, uplift, and equip the Body of Christ to go out into all the world, making disciples (Matt. 28:19) and so fulfill the Great Commission
  4. Speak the truth in love to the unsaved people of the world and share with them the Good News of Jesus Christ
  5. Be missionaries that share Jesus Christ everywhere that we may go