2017 AMG Heritage Awards

Steel City Sound was once again the host band for this year's AMG Heritage Awards.  This year we performed for Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr on Up Up & Away, Aquarius/Let The Sunshine and You Don't Have To Be Star, The Coasters on Charlie Brown, Yakety Yak and Along Came Jones, Lloyd Price on (You've Got) Personality, the Tymes on So Much In Love, David L Cook on I Go Crazy and Harold Hawkings (Jean Shepherd's son) on A Dear John Letter.  We had a blast working with each of these artists!  So humble, personable and easy to work with.  We were truly blessed with the honor of being their band for this year's show.  

We also had a blast performing the transitions for awards and filler music for the show.  We look forward to doing it all again next year!

This year's Steel City Sound:

Barry Parr - Lead Trumpet
Chuck King - Trumpet
Alan Parr - Trumpet
Garrett Neill - Alto Sax / Flute
Michael Saddekni - Tenor Sax / Clarinet
Steve Collins - Bari Sax
Johnathan Helms - Piano
Peggy McKay - Synth / Keys
Jesse Cann - Synth / Keys
AJ Yoon - Electric Guitar
Dave Nelson - Electric Bass
Sean Parr - Drums
Terry Webster - Director